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0027) Stephan Kinsella and Adam DEBATE School Choice

0027) Stephan Kinsella and Adam DEBATE School Choice

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Well, "debate" is too strong a word, but brilliant smarty-pants Stephan Kinsella had some disagreements about an article Adam wrote about school choice and was gracious enough to come on Haman Nature to discuss them.

00:00 – Intro.

01:15 -- Happy birthday to Adam! Stephan's gives him an... odd present. Also, Adam recounts the article he wrote that prompted this talk.

02:54 -- Stephan lays out his position on school choice, and similar "reform" measures or "incrementalism".

06:55 – Adam defends. Let the "debate" begin!

15:33 – Adam scores a point!

17:13 – And another! And possibly another (depending on... math)!

22:15 – Adam swings hard. Is it a home run? 24:26 – Adam makes a prediction about markets and innovations under school choice.

26:10 -- Stephan makes some strong and principled objections.

28:52 -- Adam scores another point! Plus, the biggest moment in the entire episode.

33:36 -- A very important legislative clause to watch like a hawk. Also, is it worth the risk?

35:18 -- Say it was up to you as the deciding vote. Which way do you cast it?

38:36 -- Hey, Corey! Plus, Stephan gives Adam a much better birthday present!

39:57 -- Outro.

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